HRGi customer satisfaction and loyalty are second to none! Our clients expect and receive exceptional customer service and value. At HRGi, we realize that one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competition is to deliver an outstanding level of customer service as the basis of the client/vendor relationship.


In addition, our customer-centric approach to technology is quite simple. We offer customized, client-specific IT solutions that meet and exceed the current needs of our clients with as minimal disruption as possible.

Our clients help determine claim thresholds, method of transmission, turn around time requirements (TAT), reporting requirements and many other specifics that match or improve their existing processes.

If necessary, we are also able to provide the coordination of any non-PPO bills with multiple vendors so that clients only have to submit bills to one location through one portal. We are able to route, track, coordinate, inquire and report submitted bills as they are processed through all vendors.