ClaimSAVE™ Technology

All claims are not created equal, and a strategic approach to each claim is necessary to maximize out-of-network savings. At HRGi, we do this with skilled negotiators, continuous training and process improvements, and our own Claims Scoring and Valuation Engine, known as ClaimSAVE™.

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How It Works

Most traditional cost-containment programs focus on high dollar thresholds for fee negotiation or rely on run-of-the-mill fax programs to approach providers. HRGi’s ClaimSAVE™ technology, sorts through claims to identify those with the greatest savings potential. HRGi’s proprietary algorithms enables HRGi to achieve significant discounts on claims of all sizes.

HRGi’s proprietary algorithm, ClaimSAVE™, maximizes savings for clients through the optimization of the combined fee negotiation and PPO network strategy. This industry-unique approach consistently delivers the deepest overall savings in the industry without disruption to our clients and the providers.

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