HRGi offers innovative cost-containment solutions and technology that helps payers effectively manage their out-of-network expenses

Industry-Leading Results & Technology

HRGi exceeds our customers’ expectations each and every time we work on their behalf utilizing industry-unique technology and algorithms.

Exceptional Service

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are HRGi's top priority.

Quality Assurance

HRGi strives to consistently deliver an unapparelled assurance and confidence to all HRGi customers and partners.

Industry-Leading Results & Technology, Average HRGi savings


Exceptional Service

HRGi customer satisfaction and loyalty are second to none! Our clients expect and receive exceptional customer service and value.

At HRGi, we realize that one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competition is to deliver an outstanding level of customer service as the basis of the client/vendor relationship.

Flexibility & Customization

We offer customized, client-specific IT solutions that meet and exceed the current needs of our clients with as minimal disruption as possible.

Our clients help determine claim thresholds, method of transmission, turnaround time requirements (TAT), reporting requirements and many other specifics that match or improve their existing processes.

If necessary, we are also able to provide the coordination of any non-PPO bills with multiple vendors so that clients only have to submit bills to one location through one portal. We are able to route, track, coordinate, inquire and report submitted bills as they are processed through all vendors.


Our Internal Audit Process includes:


Operational Support Audits

Operational support audits to ensure accurate data are being reported for negotiation purposes.


Management Review

Internal management review of recorded phone calls to ensure appropriate procedures were followed during the negotiation process. All HRGi fee negotiation calls are digitally recorded (with the Provider’s knowledge).


System Audits

Ongoing system documentation audits to ensure that system follow up correlates with the provider agreements.


Provider Surveys

Provider office surveys to ensure provider satisfaction.

HRGi Clients & Services


HRGi clients include Insurance Companies, Health Plans, TPA’s, Bill Review Companies, HMO’s, Taft-Hartley Funds, Specialty Programs and more.

Fee Negotiation Services

By employing experienced, skilled negotiators and customizing our strategic approach to each claim tier, we are able to produce superior discounts, timely resolutions and satisfied patients and providers.

Domestic and International Services

With an estimated 50 million consumers having access to our services, our domestic and international clients are located across the United States and Canada.

Innovative Solutions

Our industry-unique solutions and technology utilize a strategy that combines and optimized both fee negotiation and PPO networks through a single workflow, proprietary algorithms and portal.

Supplemental Network Services

We offer one of the largest Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) in the United States with over 550,000 providers, 4,000 hospitals and more than 60,000 ancillary facilities.

Medicare-Based Repricing

HRGi Medicare-Based Repricing services for out-of-network reimbursement, can be customized and implemented to expand and increase overall plan savings.

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